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Bang and Smash is Gareth Marsh, a musician and sound engineer  based in Thurrock. Having played in several bands and worked professionally in youth work he put the two together when he began working at Riverside Music Studio in Tilbury for the Thurrock Youth Service in 2002.


Riverside had started off in the 1990s as a room with a few old guitars that was used by the Youth Service to give the local young people an experience of music and grow in confidence. By the time Gareth arrived it had become a recording studio and he, along with Ray Drake, built up the studio further.


In 2006 the studio received a grant from the Thames Gateway Development Corporation allowing Gareth and Ray to completely redesign the studio into it's current form. The now professional standard studio has been used consistently to inspire young people from Thurrock and beyond to play instruments, form bands, MC, create their own CDs, perform live, express themselves, learn how to compose and produce music and to grow in confidence. It has also been well used by the wider community.


In 2009 Gareth wanted to develop the work he did further and put together a mobile recording system that he takes to local groups to run workshops on their sites while continuing to run sessions at Riverside Studio.



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